The biggest challenge we face today in mobile devices & IOT's is security, and even if you think your device can't be affected or isn't vulnerable - you're probably wrong.

Even if you don't store or collect sensitive information, you need to pay very close attention to what's happening in the mobile security threat landscape today and be ready for anything.

This is not a course but instead a resource page on the FBI's Protected Voice program. You may access the source on the official FBI website by clicking here.

By the end of this training, you should have a clearer picture of what disinformation, misinformation, and the various forms mean for the online political world, and what impact they might have on the elections. We also hope you will be able to assess the online content more critically while familiarised with various techniques and tools that will help you during your everyday life on the internet.

The biggest threats to our organization's cybersecurity are not the dark, hooded figures that have come to represent hackers on TV commercials. In fact, neither are they actual hackers. Instead, the biggest threat to our cybersecurity are untrained & unaware employees.

Part of our onboarding program is comprehensive and introduce and explain everything that falls within our organization's cybersecurity policy.

The training includes:

  • Overall cybersecurity awareness training, consisting of videos, written materials, and testing. 
  • The elements of your cybersecurity policy, such as personal device regulations, e-mail and computer password parameters, and network access policy.
  • How to comply with the policy and the resources you have at your disposal to ensure compliance.
  • How to report security incidents, consisting of an overview of the Incident Response Plan and Strategies. 

The cybersecurity onboarding training is a required training that must be completed within the first seven days of your start date.